Caesar Haircut

The Classic Julius Caesar Haircut
Caesar Haircut with Taper
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Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is a classic men’s haircut named after Julius Caesar, a military genius and the first leader of the Roman Empire. The haircut consists of short and even sides and horizontally laying fringe.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Oval, Diamond, Triangle, Square, and Oblong

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Styling Tips

  • If you want the classic Caesar haircut, the hair should be short and even throughout the head.
  • The ideal beard style for most Caesar haircuts is either a full or boxed beard style.
  • If you have a receding hairline, use the bangs to hide it.

14 Ways to Rock a Caesar Haircut

1. The Classic Julius Caesar Haircut



The classic Caesar cut is a replica of what Julian Caesar used to wear. The hair is about one to two inches in length throughout the head. The perfect classic Caesar haircut is what George Clooney wore in the Hail, Caesar! Movie.

To create the signature fringe, brush the top part forward and arrange the fringes across the forehead. This is one of the least maintenance Caesar haircuts since very little cutting and styling are required. The only downside is that the style is laid back. 

2. Caesar Haircut with Taper



If you want a Caesar style that is closest to the classic style, consider a Caesar haircut with a taper on the sides. The taper can be high, low, or medium depending on your preference.

The top part is brushed forward to mimic the fringes of the classic style, while the sides gradually shorten in length. You can pair this style with a short to a medium-length beard style.

3. Caesar Cut with Fade


Here is the thing:

The classic Caesar haircut is a laid-back style, but there is a way to make it stand out; going with a fade on the sides.

A Caesar haircut with a fade is one of the trendiest Caesar haircuts for guys. This style is versatile, allowing you to go with short, medium, or long hair at the top. The sides can be a low, medium, or high fade.

Unlike most Caesar styles, which have fringes extending to the forehead, this one has clean edges, with the hair brushed forward.

You can choose a high, medium, low, drop or temp fade on the sides and pair it with a beard. 

4. Messy Caesar Haircut


A Caesar haircut does not have to always look polished. Even if you mess up the top part, it will still look great. 

Like most messy hairstyles, a messy Caesar cut gives you a carefree vibe and a mischievous look. While it looks messy, the hairstyle still manages to show you know what you are doing.

So, how do you do it?

Get the Classic Caesar haircut or any other Ceasar haircut with long hair on top.  Apply a blob of your favorite hair styling product and apply it to the areas you want to mess up. Use your hands to creatively mess the hair as you wish.

A few ways to mess include styling the top part upwards, adding waves, or just letting the hair be.

5. Low Caesar Haircut



Low Caesar is very similar to the short Caesar haircut. However, low Caesar is more professional-looking which makes it an ideal haircut for working men and businessmen.

The trick is to keep it a bit longer on top and fade on the sides and back. On the front avoid long fringes and go with sharp and clean edges.

On top apply your favorite styling product and comb the hair forward. On the sides and back, go with a low, medium, or high fade.

6. Textured Caesar Cut


The best thing with the Caesar haircut is the freedom to cut and style the top and sides as you wish. On top, you can have short, medium, or long hair, depending on your hair length.

With a Textured Caesar cut, the ideal length on top is medium or long to give you the length and volume for texturizing.  Texturizing the hair involves adding definition and separation and sometimes highlighting the hair.

This haircut is particularly great for those with naturally curly or wavy hair as the texture accentuates the look.  Some ideal products for texturizing hair include sea salt spray, texturizing spray, and hair clay.

Some texture methods for instance layers and coloring will require the help of a professional barber.

7. Low Fade Caesar Haircut


A Low Fade Caesar haircut is any Caesar haircut with a low fade on the sides and back. While you have the freedom to cut and style the top section as you wish, the sides should be a low fade.

The best thing about a low fade is that it exposes less skin, making it great when it's cold. This haircut is also a great option for those growing long hair for the first time since it looks great without cutting a lot of hair on the sides.

 Low Fade Caesar Haircut is easier to maintain and goes with most face shapes.

8. Dark or Black Caesar Haircut



You must have worn the dark Caesar haircut when you were a kid.


The dark Caesar haircut is interesting since it's farthest from the classic Caesar.

It’s a short, even, length haircut that resembles a buzz cut. The hair is cut evenly using a #3 guard all over, and the edges are neat and lined up. It's called dark because of its dark appearance.

The hair is cut with grain so that the hair lays flat. The barber will sometimes apply mousse before brushing to make it lay perfectly.

The dark Caesar style makes an excellent pick for gents looking for a professional and low-maintenance Caesar haircut.  This style is also sometimes referred to as low Caesar.

This is the exact haircut used as the base for 360 waves.

9. Light Caesar


In terms of maintenance, this is the most manageable Caesar haircut.

The light Caesar has a shorter length than the dark Caesar. The hair is cut even throughout to the point the scalp is visible. It’s the closest you can cut your hair without being bald.

Who is it for?

The light Caesar makes a great haircut when it's hot. It’s also great when treating dandruff or itchy scalp as it makes it easy to apply the products.  The only downside is that the style looks very basic

10. Short Caesar


A short Caesar has the same length as a classic Caesar and short sides and back. On top, the hair should be long enough to get the fringes.

Another distinct feature of this hairstyle is that the fringes are trimmed nicely, unlike the free fringes of the classic Caesar.

On the sides, you can go with a medium or high fade. If you don't want to shape the fringes, the sides should have the same length.

11. Long Top Caesar


As the name suggests, this Caesar haircut has the longest hair on top with a fade on the sides and back. Styling tip:

To know the maximum height, check where the fringes reach on the forehead. If the hair is very long,  you can go with a spooky top so that the hair points upward or sideways to avoid covering the entire forehead.

The sides can be a low, medium, or high fade. A high fade is the best if you want to highlight the top section.

12. A Bowl Cut or Mushroom Caesar



If you are not afraid of some attention, this is your Caesar haircut.

This haircut comprises short or clean-shaven sides with an even length and longer hair on top. The hair on top is carefully arranged to form a perfect bowl.

If you want something laid back, go with a choppy, shaggy, or textured mushroom on top instead of a perfect bowl.

13. Caesar Cut on Curly Hair


If you have curly hair, a Caesar cut is a great style to try.

Because of the texture, the hair looks very nice when brushed forward, giving the hairstyle an edge. If your hair is naturally curly, it will be easier to maintain and style this hairstyle.

For this haircut, go with a clean fade on the sides and back, and don’t shape the front fringes.

14. Caesar Cut and Mullet


Another way to wear a Caesar haircut is by blending it with a mullet haircut.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but they blend so well.

To give the hairstyle some bit of structure go with a fade cut on the sides. The mallet can be short, medium, or long on the back, provided the resulting look is balanced.

Wrapping up

The Caesar haircut is an iconic and timeless hairstyle. Apart from the original Caesar haircut, there are dozens of ways to customize this classic haircut. The easiest customization is shorter sides and back. 

You can also dye or texturize the top part, to give prominence to this section. Most Caesar haircuts are easy to maintain and great for men with receding hairlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

The classic Caesar has the same length all round, of between 1/2 and 4 inches. For short hair, use a #1 guard, while for longer hair, use a #4 guard.
Before going to your barber, go through the different Caesar haircuts and choose one. If you have uniform length, your only options are the Classic Caesar, Dark, and light Caesar. Here is how to explain to the barber: 1) How long the top section should be. The different options include long, medium, and short hair. 2) How long the fringes should be, and how they should be styled. You can decide to have the fringes or go with trimmed edges. 3) How to cut the sides. Explain how you want the sides. If you want a fade, explain the type of fade. This can be a taper, temple, drop. low, medium, or high. 4) If you have a beard, explain how you want them. 5) Also, explain if you want the top section dyed, textured, or left natural.
Yes, Caesar cut is one of the few styles that has been around for centuries. The advantage is that there are many Caesar styles to try, and they all look great when styled properly. Most Caesar haircuts are appropriate for all ages. However, make sure the style you choose matches your face shape and beard style. For instance, most Caesar haircuts are incompatible with round and heart face shapes. Those with oblong face shapes should avoid too much volume on top. If it's your first time, talk to your barber or stylist to help you choose the best Caesar cut for your face.
Yes, Caesar haircuts with fringe do a great job covering the hairline. In fact, it’s rumored that Julius Caesar used the haircut to hide his receding hairline.
A Caesar fade is any Caesar haircut with faded sides and back. The fade can be top, medium, or low, while the top section can have the traditional fringe.

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