Aveda Grooming Clay

92.4 %

Aveda Grooming Clay

92.4 %

Aveda Grooming Clay is developed to create texture and a strong but pliable hold for all hair types. It’s a barber-quality clay with a matte finish and a lightweight formula that won’t weigh the hair down

  • Strong hold
  • Matte finish
  • Clay-based

The Aveda Grooming Clay is a lightweight and creamy styling clay that can create any style that needs a little bulking. It provides the control you need while adding thickness and texture to hair. The creamy consistency is easy to emulsify and dries into a matte finish. Aveda will pick up hair and give you the desired hold without flaking. It does all this without making the hair shiny.

Aveda Grooming Clay has a healthy and smooth finish since it does not make the hair dry. This styling clay contains plant oils that nourish and restore moisture. The spicy aroma is refreshing too. Wash it off with shampoo, and never worry about residue because it’s an Aveda.

Pro Tips

  • Style the Aveda Grooming Clay with fingertips and let it air dry
  • Apply more clay for more hold
  • Use hairspray to lock it in









Hair Type

All hair types


2.6 oz



Best For

Slicked, textured, and polished styles

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