Badass Beard Comb

90.3 %

Badass Beard Comb

90.3 %
Mike Medders

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This product is handmade and 100 per cent static-free. If you want a unique comb in your collection that will last a long time, you should invest in the Badass beard comb.

  • This comb is stronger than standard wood
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • It is hand-carved from horn, making each comb unique
  • Great for your skin and hair than combs made of plastic or nylon

If you want a comb made from ox horn that will give you the smoothest beard, you should buy Badass Beard Comb! It is hand made and laser engraved to ensure authenticity and uniqueness to every piece.

The entire comb is very smooth and has the best finish that one can find.


Badass Beard Care


1.59 oz


Ox Horn


6 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

Thick and long hair

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