BarberPub Classic Barber Chair

94.5 %

BarberPub Classic Barber Chair

94.5 %

This unique chair is made from synthetic leather that creates a relaxing experience for your customer. It also has a footrest to provide maximum support.

  • Great quality leatherette
  • Completely adjustable
  • Rugged and long-lasting

This timeless and premium barber chair might be an incredible asset to any hair salon, tattoo parlor, or other business. An attractive footstool offers support and allows the person to shift around easily. This classic example of excellence will appeal to both you and your customer.

Elegant weaving strengthens the seat surface and gives a decorative touch. PU leatherette with a patterned satin finish that can endure over 40,000 rubs. It's also water resistant and simple to maintain. With all these features, this chair can be a great addition to your barbershop.




28.7" W × 60" D × 45"-51" H

Adjustable Headrest



65 lbs

Weight Capacity

450 lbs


High-quality textured satin PU leather

Pump Lifting Height


Max Recline Angle

135 Degrees

Max Swivel Angle

360 Degrees

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