Baxter of California Comb

95.1 %

Baxter of California Comb

95.1 %
Mike Medders

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The Baxter California Comb is handcrafted and made using a detailed 12-step process. The product is made entirely by hand in Switzerland and is the perfect tool for you.

  • The product has rounded tips and also has smooth, tapered teeth which glide effortlessly through the beard hair and detangle them easily
  • The product is entirely hand made using the highest quality cellulose acetate sheets
  • The product is used in creating structured styles that will last all day long

If you want a comb that is the finest specimen of handcrafted masterpieces, you should buy the Baxter California comb. Made in Switzerland, this comb undergoes a 12-step intense manufacturing process, making it one of a kind.

In addition to this, the rounded tips of the comb's teeth make sure that your beard hair doesn't pull harshly. Hence, comfort, protection and ease of use are all factors that this comb combines.


Baxter Of California


0.35 oz


Cellulose Acetate


3.25 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

Short, mustache

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