DAMIFAN Barber Backpack

98 %

DAMIFAN Barber Backpack

98 %

The DAMIFAN blends ergonomic functionality with external durability. Fitted with multiple interior accessory slots, it's the perfect choice for any professional.

  • Waterproof nylon base
  • Easy compartmental access
  • Multiple external modifications

The DAMIFAN Barber Backpack has been specifically designed to provide ample internal space with multiple accessory slots. Its durable external handles translate to an ergonomic grip that lets it be carried anywhere.

Additionally, its nylon base provides increased durability while making the carrier waterproof. Internal accessories are also protected from impact damage by external surface padding.

The carrier comes fitted with a smooth zipper line that allows for easy extraction of tools. Moreover, the backpack features cushioned shoulder straps that enable a comfortable transit experience when traveling to client locations.




12.6 x 8.46 x 19.69 in





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