Fiber Grease Pomade

90 %

Fiber Grease Pomade

90 %

Fiber Grease Pomade from Fine Cosmetics Ltd. Japan sticks to the original formula but now comes with natural fibers for a light hold. This is a water-based pomade with flexible holding power to add texture for a variety of styles.

  • Fibers in a water-soluble formula
  • Water-soluble
  • Light hold

Fiber Grease water-based pomade provides a light to medium hold that makes it easy to restyle hair throughout the day. The fibers hold the hair in place but still make it formidable for many styles. It gets rid of splitting and sagging experienced with other types of water-based pomades.

Fiber Grease settles without drying out, yet it rinses out with water only. A pleasant tropical fruit smell accompanies this pomade for everyday freshness. It gives hair a high shine without looking oily. Use it on all hair lengths and curly to thick hair.


Fine Cosmetics Co Ltd.




Tropical Fruit



Hair Type

Fine, curly, and medium-thick


3.6 oz, 7.4 oz



Best For

Slightly long hair

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