Gentlemen Republic Barber Backpack

90.8 %

Gentlemen Republic Barber Backpack

90.8 %

This barber backpack is designed to serve as the perfect case for all your accessories and tools. Its nylon base allows for increased resistance to chemicals.

  • Compact interior compartments
  • Comfortable carry-on support
  • Minimal external design

The Gentlemen Republic Barber Backpack is a compact, lightweight case for barbers on the go. With multiple interior compartments and pockets, this backpack can easily fit a variety of tools and lets you be prepared for any impromptu client calls.

Inner protective covers add up to additional coverage for all your tools. Moreover, its supportive shoulder straps and slim back panel ensures that any added weight does not hamper individual mobility.

The backpack also sports a high-end black and white trim on its exterior. That enables it to maintain a consistent professional look regardless of client settings.


Gentlemen Republic


19 x 14.2 x 3 in


1 lb.



Color Options

Black and White

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