GIBS Bush Master Beard Oil

95.4 %

GIBS Bush Master Beard Oil

95.4 %

The GIBS Bush Master Beard Oil is the one-stop solution for softening, hydrating, and taming beards and tattoos. To top it up, the ingrained extreme antioxidants promote the growth of elastin and collagen in the skin while being suitable for all beard lengths.

  • Natural UV protectant
  • High in vitamin C
  • Enriched with antioxidants

Managing and growing a beard has been made effortless with the added benefits of moisturizing tattoos with the help of the GIBS Bush Master Beard Oil. The active Olive oil and Argan oil ingredients render the beard soft, while Sunflower oil serves to protect and strengthen it. Additionally, the Passion Fruit and Copaiba Balsam oil combo master the art of moisturizing the skin and hair.

The natural UV protectant and vitamin C add to an already long list of effective ingredients that protect and nourish your hair and skin.

It comes in three natural fragrances, including VooDoo Prince (Bergamot, Sandalwood, & Sage), Manscaper (Grapefruit, Tobacco, Flower & Saffron), and Bush Master (Nutmeg, Leather, Vanilla & Musk). This USA-based product is perfect for every beard length and is available in the form of a pump to sanction easy application.

2-4 pumps for the beard and 1 to 3 pumps for tattoos, and you will be good to go!


GIBS Grooming


1 oz / 4 oz


Nutmeg, Leather, Vanilla, Musk

Ideal For

Damaged Skin and Hair

Carrier Oil(s)

Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Acai Oil

Essential oil (s)

Copaiba Balsam Oil, Vitamin C


Softening, Hydrating, Conditioning

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