Imperial Classic Pomade

97.3 %

Imperial Classic Pomade

97.3 %

The Imperial Classic Pomade delivers the highest hold you can get from a water-based pomade. The pomade offers a smooth application and rinses clean and easy at the end of the day without leaving build-up.

  • Strongest hold
  • Low shine
  • Water-based and water re-activatable

Imperial Classic Pomade boasts the highest hold for the most unruly hair types and most complicated hairstyles  It applies evenly and smoothly owing to its water-based formulation. You can adjust the hold strength depending on the water in the hair. For the strongest hold, use more on dry hair. A small amount of Classic Pomade on damp hair gives you a light hold with a low shine.

If you want to restyle your hairstyle during the day, just spray some little water or use a wet comb for the hair to become pliable. Classic Pomade adds definition, so get that pomp as high as possible. And don’t forget to slick the sides because it slicks like a champ. The fresh fruity smell is refreshing, so you will look hot and smell great.









Hair Type

Most hair types


2oz, 6 oz



Best For

Pompadours, side-parted, slicked-back styles

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