Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil

95.9 %

Jack Black MP 10 Nourishing Oil

95.9 %

This beard oil comes with a non-greasy formula for your facial hair, beard and skin. Its active ingredients offer versatile skincare applications in your pampering routine.

  • Extensive hydration
  • Diverse skincare benefits
  • Lightweight formula

The beard oil from Jack Black is a jack of all trades for skincare routine. The quick-penetrating formula combats irritation and dryness while offering excellent moisturization. Use it on your face, elbow or after shaving, and deep nourishment is guaranteed.

The premium blend of 10 natural oils delivers fantastic nutrients to offer firming and age-defying benefits to your skin and hair. With its multi-use formula, you can use it as a beard conditioner, styling agent or shaving oil.

In addition, beard oil is compatible to use even on sensitive skin. So, say goodbye to post-shave redness.


Jack Black


2 oz


Watermelon and argan oil

Ideal For

Whole body

Carrier Oil(s)

Argan oil, moringa seed oil, marula oil, grape seed oil, and baobab seed oil


Intense moisturization, beard grooming and nourishment, anti-aging benefits

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