Kent Beard Comb

95.4 %

Kent Beard Comb

95.4 %
Mike Medders

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The Kent Beard Comb is handcrafted in England and made of premium quality cellulose acetate. The product is 100% handmade and the perfect gift for any man.

  • The comb is made using the highest quality plastic – cellulose acetate
  • The comb is designed to distribute hair oil evenly
  • The comb guarantees an all-over shine and gleam
  • It is also the perfect tool for detangling and making your bread soft and smooth

If you love to invest in high-quality combs that will last you a lifetime, this is your product. The Kent Beard Comb is made from hand-sawn sheets of cellulose acetate. In addition to this, the comb's teeth are rounded for optimal comfort and even hair oil distribution.

Hence, the comb glides through your beard like a hot knife through butter. Moreover, your skin will never feel irritated or damaged after using the Kent Beard Comb.




1.76 oz


Cellulose Acetate


2.80 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

All beard type

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