Layrite Natural Matte Cream

94.3 %

Layrite Natural Matte Cream

94.3 %

Layrite Natural Matte Cream offers the best medium hold but applies as easily as a lotion. This water-based shaping cream is lightweight to favor a high-paced lifestyle. Its matte finish keeps your hair looking natural.

  • Water-based, lightweight formula
  • Adds texture
  • Natural matte finish

Layrite Natural Matte Cream provides flexible hold for styling wet and dry hair in various ways. It’s for the guy with a low-maintenance hairstyle looking for a grab-and-go product. Layrite Natural Matte Cream has a lightweight consistency for fast application. It’s also water-soluble, so you won’t be dealing with product build-up.

The smooth formula allows you to rework the hair without any water or additional cream throughout the day. It gives your hair shape and definition without weighing it down.

Its versatility allows for working with fine and medium-thick hair for casual styles. Thanks to Kaolin clay, this matte cream fights oiliness so you can maintain a natural look.






Mild, cream soda


Low - Medium

Hair Type

Fine - medium thick hair


1.5 oz, 4.25 oz, 10.5 oz


Matte finish

Best For

Taming frizz, Natural and Casual looks

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