NADAENMF Barber Backpack

92.5 %

NADAENMF Barber Backpack

92.5 %

The NAEDENMF mixes utility with style. Made from a durable blend, this carrier is specifically designed for comfort while you attend to client calls.

  • Blended polyester-nylon base
  • Custom fitted compartments
  • Internal protective padding

The NAEDENMF Barber Backpack is a spacious and efficiently designed carrier. Its internal space comes equipped with multi-functional pockets that allow it to fit several tools simultaneously. Additional provisions have been made for any required slot adjustments.

This lightweight backpack ensures a comfortable traveling experience. Made with Oxford fabric, the blended higher quality polyester material increases base durability. Its nylon lining provides increased resistance to tears and commonly used oils.

In addition to its stylish exterior, the NAEDENMF is also fitted with internal protective padding to prevent any impact damage to tools or accessories.




18.1 x 13 x 7.9 in




Nylon (Oxford Fabric)

Color Options


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