Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade

95.8 %

Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade

95.8 %

Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade is a water-based cream pomade for waves training and wolfing. You get the perfect wave pattern in all waves stages and no build up is left. Enjoy its easy-to-wash-out formula for everyday use.

  • Superior hold
  • Water-based
  • Lily scent

Make waves, style them and hold them down with the Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade. Whether you are making, 180°, 360° , 540°, or 720 waves, this pomade has got your back. This product holds your wolf down and stops over-curling while giving your waves a natural shine. Unlike grease pomades, this water-based product takes one wash to rinse out with no residue.

Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade is uniquely designed to achieve maximum wave results on wavy, curly, and textured hair. This pomade helps you get through all stages, from wolfing to maintaining great waves. Whether you are a seasoned waver or a beginner, its impressive performance will give you professional results.

Tame that crown with a strong hold pomade and smell like you just left the barbershop with Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade.


Ocean View







Hair Type

Short, textured, curly, straight hair


4 oz



Best For

Wolfing and maintaining 360 waves

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