Old Spice Swagger Fiber Wax

94.2 %

Old Spice Swagger Fiber Wax

94.2 %

Hold your hairstyle the way you want, with the Old Spice Swagger Fiber Wax. The hair dries into a medium hold with a natural looking matte finish. You just need a little of the wax to do the magic and works on every hair type and its best for short to medium length.

  • Flexible hold
  • Moderate shine
  • For dry or damp hair

The Old Spice Swagger Fiber Wax is what you need if you are looking for a fiber wax that provides a reliable all day hold, while the hair is still flexible. This is the true fiber wax, you have been looking for. The moment you step out of the door, your last concern will be your hairstyle losing its shape.

And if it accidentally happens, it will be easy to restyle and you won’t need to apply more wax.

Unlike other fiber wax products that are dry and stiff, the Old Spice Swagger Fiber Wax is soft. This makes application abreeze, whether the hair is dry or damp. It tames even the most challenging hair types, making sure your hairstyle remains intact to the end of the day.


Old Spice


Fiber wax




Flexible hold

Hair Type

All hair types


2.64 oz



Best For

Versatile look

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