Onedor Folding Beard Comb

95 %

Onedor Folding Beard Comb

95 %
Mike Medders

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The Onedor Folding Beard Comb is the perfect grooming tool made from the best sourced natural green sandalwood.

  • This comb is made of green sandalwood, which promotes the growth of healthy and strong beard hair
  • The comb is non-static
  • It is a very portable comb that comes with a leather case

The Onedor Folding Comb is one of the best folding combs on the market. It promotes healthy hair growth because it's made from green sandalwood.

The comb is non-static so that you don't get frizzy hair. It has a smooth finish.

You can reduce coarse facia hair with daily combing using this product. In addition to this, this comb is a fantastic gift to give to your loved ones or close friends.




2.08 oz




2.8 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

Mustache, wavy, short, medium, straight

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