Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease

89.1 %

Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease

89.1 %

Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease is an oil-based pomade that delivers a strong hold perfect for thick and curly hairs. As a wax-based pomade, it leaves a natural look, it’s not sticky, and is easy to apply.

  • Strong hold and medium shine
  • Wax and grease formula
  • Best for curliest, thickest, and unruly hair

The Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease is the solution to the thickest, curliest, and unruly hair types that are hard to style. It’s also perfect for hard-to-maintain hairstyles such as pompadours, and quiffs.

Despite being oil-based it does not leave the hair looking greasy, it leaves a flawless medium shine, while the beeswax content encourages water retention. This also lets you rework the hair during the day.

Reuzel Pink Pomade Grease is also ideal for those struggling with  growth patterns and messy cowlicks that are hard to tame. If you are looking for a pomade that locks in moisture and keeps that hold all day long, it has got it all. All you need is to apply to dry or towel-dried hair and comb it into any preferred style.

Because this is an oil-based pomade, you will need to use shampoo when washing it out.






pomme fragrance with a hint of salsa



Hair Type

Thick and curly hairs, cowlicks


1.3 oz, 4 oz



Best For

Quiffs, pompadours, and contours

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