Rocky Mountain Pomade

93.2 %

Rocky Mountain Pomade

93.2 %

Refresh your look every day with the Rocky Mountain Pomade. This product allows you to replicate any fresh barbershop look. This water-based pomade gives you the edginess you need with a firm hold and high, natural shine.

  • No grease
  • Strong hold
  • Barber-grade performance

The Rocky Mountain Pomade gives you extra hold on most hair types. It has a natural shine that gives your hair a fresh look. This pomade holds like hair gel, but you’ll never have to worry about flaking. Its water-based formula grips hair without any greasiness. And when it’s time to wash it out, you’ll not need special soap or shampoo.

Rocky Mountain Pomade does not strip out natural oils from your hair. It keeps your hair healthy and does not cause breakouts.

Did you know that Rocky Mountain Pomade gives you 20% more pomade? Unlike the regular 4 oz pomades, this product comes in a 5 oz tub that lasts longer. The pomade is made in small batches to preserve its freshness. Choosing Rocky Mountain Pomade gives your hair fresh and nourishing ingredients every time.


Rocky Mountain




Light natural scent



Hair Type

Most hair types


5 oz


High shine

Best For

Slick backs, pompadours

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