Roller Coaster Waves Pomade

94.2 %

Roller Coaster Waves Pomade

94.2 %

Roller Coaster Waves Pomade is a versatile unisex pomade that is great for making curly waves. It also serves as a cream, curling cream, or moisturizer as it contains healthy ingredients.

  • Hydration formula
  • Exotic fragrance
  • Strong hold and medium shine

Looking for the best unisex hydrating pomade for curly waves? The Roller Coaster Waves Pomade got your back.

Roller Coaster Waves Pomade fulfills most of your hair styling needs. Use it as a moisturizer, curling cream, or lotion. The creamy texture gives you an easy wolfing time while the little shine keeps your hair looking natural.

Roller Coaster Waves Pomade provides a regular hold to define hair just like a styling gel. It does not clump or stiffen hair. It’s designed for curly and wavy hair for making waves.

Don’t worry about a dry scalp and dehydrated hair. Roller Coaster Waves Pomade contains a hydrating formula. It contains Argan oil, Aloe Vera, Olive oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E making it one of the healthiest waves pomades. These ingredients are critical for healthy-looking and moisturized hair.


Roller Coaster







Hair Type

Curly, wavy, dry textured


2 oz



Best For

Creating waves

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