Smooth Viking Beard Balm

94.4 %

Smooth Viking Beard Balm

94.4 %

Break free from all the low-quality beard creams that leave a residue on your beard! The Smooth Viking Beard Balm is a high-quality beard taming option. In addition, you can shape your beard to fit your style!

  • Hydrating and quick-drying balm
  • Travel-friendly and hassle-free packaging
  • USA-made vegan formula used for preparation

The Smooth Viking Beard Balm is a herbal solution for all your beard-related needs. Using this balm will ensure that your beard remains hydrated and nourished. As a result, it becomes more easily manageable and invites lesser upkeep costs.

Break free from unpleasant smells as the Smooth Viking Beard Balm produces a pleasant aroma. The balm arrives in a package and has a composition of 2 oz, suitable for long usage.

Moreover, it is easy to use. Just rub a small amount on your fingers and spread it evenly throughout your beard. Give it a few minutes to dry off, and then you can carry on your day as you planned!


Smooth Viking Beard Care


2 oz



Hair Type

Dry, damaged



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