Smooth Viking Styling Clay

88.6 %

Smooth Viking Styling Clay

88.6 %

The Smooth Viking Styling Clay is a strong hold and matte finish clay that will give your hair the perfect, textured, matte finish. You can control even the most stubborn hair thanks to the firm hold that lasts all day.

  • Matte finish
  • Firm hold
  • Neutral scent

Whether you sweat a lot in the gym or work outdoors, the Smooth Viking Styling Clay is here to maintain your hairstyle all day long. This clay’s natural base creates exceptional texture, making it the perfect styling solution for coarse and wavy hair.

Never deal with residue or a greasy look. Smooth Viking Styling Clay gives you the appearance you want with a shine-free finish. Unlike gels and creams, this clay has a fibrous texture, so all you need is a tiny amount. Use it on slightly damp or dry hair, depending on the look you want to achieve.

The clay contains lanolin wax, beeswax, kaolin and soybean oil. The kaolin helps to cleanse the scalp, while the beeswax nourishes and conditiones the scalp. The lanolin wax acts like humectant. 


Smooth Viking


Oil, clay-based


Neutral scent



Hair Type

All hair types


2 oz



Best For

Active lifestyles

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