Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil

95.1 %

Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil

95.1 %

The Striking Viking Vanilla Beard oil is a non-greasy product with natural ingredients. It has a sweet aroma of vanilla that offers a fresh feeling. Importantly, this beard oil has the potential to straighten wild hairs

  • Restores natural hair moisture
  • Reduces flakiness
  • Sulfate-free beard oil

This beard oil is highly suitable for restoring facial hair's natural moisture. It softens and nourishes the beard, thereby adding luster.

If you prefer an all-natural beard oil, this product can prove appropriate. It has organic ingredients that minimize any chance of side effects. The oil effectively rectifies the issue of rough and scratchy beards due to the organic ingredients.

Notably, beard hair absorbs these ingredients quickly. Hence, the effect of this oil spreads deep to the hair roots. As a result, users notice an increase in hair growth and improvement in beard health.


Striking Viking


0.66 oz or 2 oz



Ideal For

All Hair Types

Carrier Oil(s)

Tea tree oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

Essential oil (s)



Non-greasy, pleasant aroma

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