The Art of Shaving Beard Comb

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The Art of Shaving Beard Comb

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Mike Medders

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This beard comb is made of premium natural wood, namely sandalwood. Not only is it one of the best additions to your grooming kit, but it will definitely improve your looks by a hundred.

  • The product is made of high-quality Argentinian Green sandalwood
  • You should store the comb in dry conditions only as the wood is not treated
  • The comb has two comb widths – a wide tooth and a fine-tooth side

If you're interested in buying a comb that will easily style your unruly beard, this is your product. With this comb's two widths, your beard will never be tangled and always remain smooth. It also comes with a stylish leatherette storage pouch with The Art of Saving monogram.

The comb is portable as it is only 3¾ inches long and 2 inches wide. However, you need to be careful about storing the comb as it is made of untreated wood, which can be damaged underwater. This comb is terrific for people with wavy or curly hair.


The Art Of Shaving


1.28 oz


Argentinian Green Sandalwood


3.75 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

Wavy, curly, and straight

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