Viking Revolution Beard Balm

96.4 %

Viking Revolution Beard Balm

96.4 %

The Viking Revolution Beard Balm is an effective way to beat stray bearded hairs and beard dandruff. It consists of all-natural ingredients which ensure effective nourishing of the beard. The clean citrus scent further guarantees all-day freshness.

  • Non-greasy in nature
  • Made of all-natural ingredients, preventing any allergic reaction
  • Available in a variety of scents

Consisting of various natural ingredients that promote nourishment, the Viking Revolution Beard Balm is a must-have for your grooming routine. It is non-greasy in nature, in addition to being easy to apply.

You don’t require any rinsing either. Simply apply the balm, and it quickly softens and straightens any wild or frizzy hairs. As a result, your beard or mustache remains smooth and under control.

The result is a well-groomed beard with no itching, owing to the balm acting on the skin. The balm also helps prevent beard flaking.


Viking Revolution


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