Viking Revolution Beard Comb

96.4 %

Viking Revolution Beard Comb

96.4 %
Mike Medders

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With this high-quality double-sided comb, be prepared to have a well-maintained and tangle-free beard.

  • The comb is a sustainable product made of very high-quality wood
  • The comb is double-sided
  • The product comes with a chic carry case

Viking Revolution is a fantastic brand that has been making excellent products for men's grooming. If you want a 100% natural and sustainable product, this is your go-to. The Viking Revolution Comb is the perfect tool for a man with a strong beard.

In fact, this product can also make a great gift! In addition to this, the comb is made from Bamboo and Pearwood, making it environmentally friendly. The natural material ensures your skin will not experience any irritation.

The double-sided comb has two widths — the wide-toothed side for more extensive tangles and a small-toothed side for cleaner grooming.

In case you are not satisfied with what you have received, Viking Revolution has guaranteed to solve your issues with the product.


Viking Revolution


3.20 oz


Bamboo, Pearwood


6.00 in

Beard Type (Ideal For)

Short, long, thick hair

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