Viking Revolution Pomade

95.3 %

Viking Revolution Pomade

95.3 %

If you are looking for an extreme hold pomade that will tame even the thickest and most unruly hair, the Viking Revolution Extra Firm Pomade got you covered. This is also the best pomade for men who work outdoors.

  • Extreme hold
  • High shine
  • Water-soluble

Whether you like messy hairstyles or laid-back styles, Viking Revolution pomade has your back. Bring your A-game indoors and outdoors by taming cowlicks, stray aways, and the unruliest hair with just one or two dabs of Viking Revolution. It’s for the outdoor guy who wants a style they can keep no matter the elements.

It provides the strongest hold for casual, modern, slick, classic, and messy hairstyles. You’ll look like you just stepped out of a barber’s shop at the end of the day.

While you achieve a slick and badass look, you also benefit from castor oil, which promotes hair growth. It has no harsh ingredients to keep your hair healthy by preventing hair damage. Don’t worry about a scent that could overwhelm your cologne because Viking Revolution has a light manly smell.

This pomade is water-soluble, meaning it washes off easily. You get a high shine finish without looking like you dipped your hair in wax.


Viking Revolution




Light, industrial scent



Hair Type

Thick, curly hair


4 oz



Best For

All hairstyles, short to medium-length hair

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