Vincent Hard Shell Backpack

91.7 %

Vincent Hard Shell Backpack

91.7 %

Featuring a hardened external surface, the Vincent Hard Shell is a comprehensive mobile toolkit that allows you to set up a miniature barbershop anywhere.

  • Industrial-grade base material
  • Deep storage compartments
  • Cushioned straps and back panel

The Vincent Hard Shell Barber Backpack is a patented design with a sturdy exterior. Made with an industrial-grade metal base, this backpack is incredibly resistant to scuff marks or scratches.

The carrier features a removable tray with elastic bands that can store several clippers simultaneously. The deep storage pockets on the carrier's right side can also hold miscellaneous items, including blow dryers and chargers.

There is a dedicated space for 2 shears in addition to multi-purpose pockets for more tools. Finally, double-padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel enable a comfortable carry-on experience.




8.63 x 13 x 17.75 inches


12.05 lbs.


Industrial-grade metal

Color Options


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