Vincent Master Barber Backpack

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Vincent Master Barber Backpack

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Specifically designed for barbers, this backpack is made with durable material to store all your styling equipment and other necessities.

  • Dividers to keep items organized
  • Small pockets for cords and blades
  • Extra padding to keep contents safe

The Vincent Master barber backpack has 2 side pockets to store items like razors, strips, dusters, etc. The front of the bag has a compartmentalized pocket to quickly access equipment like a comb, shears, razors, etc. There is a flap on top to keep your cans, clippers, and trimmers secure.

The inside portion includes removable dividers to let you organize the contents accordingly.

The laptop/tablet pocket has extra padding to secure the devices during any collision. The bag is made with denser material to ensure the straps and zippers do not rip off easily and is quite durable.




18 x 14 x 6.5 inches


2.4 lbs



Color Options

Gold, Red, Black, Beige, Green, Silver

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