Wisdom Beard Oil

92.2 %

Wisdom Beard Oil

92.2 %

Looking for a beard oil that will make a long-lasting impression on you? Then this product will do just the right job for you! It's a wonderful mixture of natural minerals that deeply nourish your facial hair.

Using this beard oil will also add a natural shine to your beard. It has a strong amount of Vitamin E, which is a great source of moisture for your skin. You will notice visible changes when you use this beard oil.

The scent of this oil is very earthy and is not at all overpowering. So, it does the job for your beard while providing you with a great fragrance, too!




1.4 oz



Ideal For

Oily, Dry, Normal Hair

Carrier Oil(s)

Jojoba Oil

Essential oil (s)

Jojoba Oil



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