Andis 90th Anniversary

76.7 %

Andis 90th Anniversary

76.7 %

The Andis 90th Anniversary is an excellent corded clipper from the Andis professional line. Its attractive housing design and limited production add to its draw for clipper collectors.

  • High-speed magnetic motor
  • Stylish aluminum housing
  • Ergonomic design

The Andis 90th Anniversary is a lightweight clipper with a high-speed magnetic motor that cuts at an impressive 14000 strokes per minute. This makes it perfect for heavy-duty clipping, fading, and blending.

The motor, though powerful, is also quiet, so there’s no need to worry about annoyingly loud buzzing sounds coming from the clipper. That, coupled with the clipper’s lightweight aluminum exterior, makes it user-friendly.

However, the downside to this otherwise fantastic clipper is its sky-high pricing. As a result, most of its buyers are collectors who appreciate its eye-catching design.






Magnetic (14000 spm)

Power Source / Battery

8ft long power cord


Adjustable #000 Fade


A blade guard and lubricating oil


Limited 1-Year

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