Axe Flexible Paste

96.2 %

Axe Flexible Paste

96.2 %
Mike Medders

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Axe Flexible Paste lets you play with your hair without dealing with pesky flyaways. It’s what you need for hairstyles such as the edgy undercut, man bun, medium fade, and short sides and long top haircuts.

  • Medium hold
  • Low shine
  • Best for messy styles

Getting the earnestly wished-for messy look is easy with the Axe Flexible Paste. The paste helps you create any messy look you have been yearning to recreate, The paste provides an all day holding power while giving your hair reworkable flexibility. It has a medium hold and a natural finish.

Whether you want a post-workout styling product or a daily hair routine product, the Axe Flexible Paste will keep your style fresh.

This Axe hair paste works great on short to medium-length hair. Just use a fingertip amount, work it through your hair and mess it up the way you want. It does not weigh the hair down or leave it looking greasy.




Flexible paste


Subtle scent



Hair Type

Fine, short to medium-length hair


2.64 oz



Best For

Messy hairstyles

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