BaBylissPRO WhiteFX

95.2 %

BaBylissPRO WhiteFX

95.2 %

With a sleek white body with gold accents, this hair clipper was created by prominent hair stylist Rob' The Original' Ferrel to compliment his WhiteFX Lithium Hair Clipper.

  • High-torque motor
  • Titanium-coated robust blades
  • Dual voltage technology

Ferrari engineers masterfully crafted the motor in the BaByliss PRO White Trimmer. This hair clipper is a comprehensive solution with a Lithium-ion battery, boasting a 120-minute runtime. The device also features a zero-gap T blade for a smooth, precise shave. It's a versatile outlining clipper. 

This industrial outliner trimmer boasts a stunning, sophisticated appearance ideal for precise edge-ups and other fine work. A little screwdriver for modifications, oil, brush, and a blade cover are included with it. 

The cordless/corded clipper's compact and intuitive design makes it easy to grip and maneuver. 




25 oz


High-torque, brushless motor

Power Source / Battery

Lithium-Ion battery (120-minute runtime)


Carbon-coated, stainless steel


T-blade, adaptor, blade guard, zero gap tool, cleaning brush, lubricating oil, screwdriver



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