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Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo beard derives its name from Italo Balbo – an ace Italian aviator and a renowned World War I figure. The style comprises a beard along the jaws, soul patch, and a floating mustache.  


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Ideal Face Shapes: Round, Heart, Oval, Square

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Ideal Beard Types: All

Styling Tips

  • The mustache should be floating and not connected to the beard
  • Go with a bold mustache style for a sophisticated Balbo
  • For a laid-back Balbo, raise the jawline for a thicker beard

5 Different Balbo Beard Styles 

1. The Classic Balbo


The Classic Balbo features a natural-looking mustache and small-width chin hair that extends along the jaws. The cheeks and the neck areas are clean-shaven while the soul patch is defined. 

2. Balbo with Handlebar Mustache


Also referred to as the Waxed Balbo, this style gives more attention to the mustache by shaping them like a handlebar. This style is ideal for those with a long mustache and not afraid of having a bold Balbo style. 

3. The Office Balbo


The goal here is to get a Balbo style that is laidback, clean, and professional-looking

For the perfect Office Balbo, keep the mustache looking natural. And avoid a narrow beard; so that it doesn’t look like a chin strip. 

4. A Medium-Length Balbo


The Mid-Length Balbo is great for those with a mid-length beard with full coverage on the cheeks. This style is ideal for heart and diamond-shaped faces because it highlights the jawline.

5. A Full-Length Balbo


This style is similar to the Mid-Length Balbo, except the beard hair strands are longer on the chin. You can choose a naturally-shaped mustache or go for a striking handlebar stache style. 

6. The Mustache Matches the Beard Balbo


Well, most Balbo styles leave you with the freedom to style and shape the mustache as you desire. But for this style, the mustache matches the beard. This is in terms of length and styling to create a balance between the two.

Wrapping up


If you are looking for a beard style without hair on the cheeks, the Balbo beard is a great style to try. This inverted T beard style always looks great and is easy to maintain


You can try it with striking mustache styles if you want to give more attention to your mustache. Or go with a natural-looking mustache for a cleaner look.

That said:

If you have a question or want to contribute, feel free to do so in the comment section below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Balbo beard is considered attractive; that’s why celebrities love this style. A few good examples include Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., and Brad Pitt. The secret is making sure your face is compatible with this style. That’s why it is not the best style for diamond, oblong, or triangular-shaped faces.
First, grow a mid-length beard to have the length and volume to work with. Start by shaving your cheeks clean. Next, use a trimmer to shorten the rest of the facial hairs until you have your preferred length. Trim and shape the mustache according to your preferred style. If you want a handlebar style, leave the mustache long and use beard wax or beard balm to style it. Make sure the mustache doesn’t connect to the goatee. Use a trimmer to shape the facial hair under the lower lip. You can decide to highlight the soul patch or leave the section full. Now, decide how wide you want the hairs along the jaws and trim the edges to get perfect lines. Trim all hairs below the neckline. Finish by washing and towel drying your beard. And, finally, apply some beard oil.
A Stubble is rated as the most attractive beard style.

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