Beard Balm Vs Butter: Which One’s Better?

Are you torn between these two beard products – butter or balm?

Well, you’re not alone:

More often than not, even seasoned barbers make the mistake of styling a beard with a balm where butter is needed.


Don’t worry about that anymore because, in this post, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between beard balm vs butter.
  • Which of the two is the best for your beard goals?
  • Types of Beard balms and beard butter and how to style with them.

And more. 

Awesomazing, right?

Let’s get this on the road.

What is Beard Balm?

Get this:

Beard Balm is a facial hair product, formulated from a distinct combination of waxes, butter, and essential oils


It is a mixture with a hardened texture that emulsifies between the fingers when rubbed together. 

Once applied, a balm layer on the facial hair hardens in a few minutes.


Though the major purpose of a balm is for styling and holding a beard in place, it also helps to tame flyaways; while also promoting protection against split ends


There are two types of beard balms. And choosing the perfect one for your facial hair rests largely on these two factors:

  1. Your facial hair goals
  2. Your hair texture


Let’s see the…

Types of Hair Balms

  • Styling beard balm; They have a stronger hold because they contain 60-70% beeswax. If you’re aiming for a defined beard where every strand is in place throughout the day, this is for you.
  • Conditioning beard balm; These products are much on the softer side comprising of light, easy-to-melt waxes. They are ideal for men looking for a neat yet pliable beard.

Moving on:

What is Beard Butter


Beard butter is a combination of multiple kinds of butter ingredients like almond butter, Shea butter, and hemp seed. 

And sometimes Ucuhuba nut and essential oils are included in the product. 


This product has a creamy consistency. 

Such that it emulsifies to a thick oil-like base when rubbed between the palms.  Then, as it is worked into the beard, it soaks right in without hardening as a balm would.

Get it?

So, what does it do for hair?

Well, basically, beard butter is a hair nourishing product

It is credited for skin moisturization and promoting easy shaving of facial hair that doesn’t result in skin irritation. 


Butter products are not meant for styling because they lack hold strength; due to the absence of wax.

So, what’s next?

Beard Balm Vs Beard Butter – What’s The Difference?

Have you noticed this trend too?

The exploding culture of keeping pristine beards, shaggy ones, rock star bassist beards, and all that. 

Well, give credit to pop culture’s spirit of individualism and self-expression.

Now, get this:

To cater to these varieties, the use of beard oil alone is rather outdated. Hence, the idea of cocktailing beard balm with butter. 

But the main issue here is:

What, in facial hair rules, is the difference between balms and butter?

Succinctly put:

The latter acts as a conditioner or nourishing product that boosts the health of both your beard and the skin underneath

On the other hand:

Balms function similarly, but with the added benefits of being beard styling agents (much like pomade on hair). 

Is that all? 

Well, no. There are other differences between beard butter and balm.

For example:

Beard butter doesn’t contain wax or comes with softer waxes like berry wax. This ensures the beard has a natural look and feel to it (facial hair as soft as a child’s skin).

On the flip side:

Beard balm contains multiple, strong-hold waxes

So, it catches every flyaway whisker, keeps them in place, and facilitates styling

The result is often a shiner and firmer but with a harder feel to the hair.

Balm Or Butter? Which Is Better? 


Choosing the product that would be perfect for you depends largely on your goals.

Here is a simple infographic:

GoalsBeard BalmBeard Butter
  • To protect your hair from extreme temperature and weather.

Cause it offers the needed coating to create a shielding effect.
  • When you need the most styling effect so you can style your beard multiple times.
  • If you have a special occasion and want to make sure your facial hair stays in the desired shape throughout.
  • When looking for the best conditioning qualities.

Because it offers the most hold.

Cause it has more conditioning ingredients eg essential oils.
  • If you don’t wash your beard on a daily basis but want to apply products without buildup.

Because it’s the easiest to remove. It fades off your beard even without washing it off.
  • When choosing a product that you can use every day.

Which One Of These Products Could Aid Faster Facial Hair Growth?


They both aid in beard growth.

But considering that you would always have to wash off balm while beard butter gets absorbed in its entirety, the latter does it better.


There are whisker balms that also work just as well as beard butter. You just have to know where and how to get them.


Whichever you go for, make sure your product is labeled as “beard growth-enhancing”.



So, yes:

Those are the main differences between balms and butter:

While beard butter only offers conditioning properties, the balm does that too while also acting as a styling agent.


If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I’d love to hear your thoughts and will make sure to reply as fast as possible. 

Till next time, #StaySafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But I recommend applying the butter directly to the skin beneath. After that, apply the balm to the beard and style. This helps to avoid overkill.
Well, like I previously mentioned, it depends on your beard goals. I suggest scrolling back to the table under the section “Beard balm or butter? Which is better”. Your answer to this question should be there.
Whenever you’re gunning for a well-conditioned beard, use butter. Also, it’s ideal when you want a product you can use every day and remove easily.

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