The 2024 Barber Instagram Accounts Hall of Fame

If you were asked to list 20 of the best barbers on Instagram in the U.S., who would it be?

This is something that most people would have a problem answering.

And that’s why I’ve decided to do it for you.

By the end of this post you’ll know about the most famous barbers on Instagram and if you happen to know someone who deserves a spot on this list, tell me about it in the comments section below.

Here’s what you need to know:

5 Upcoming Barber Influencers on Instagram


Before we dive into the best of the best, here are five highly skilled barbers that deserve to be on this list but have less than 100K followers.

20. @_nicolerenae (21.1K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Nicole Renae

Barbershop: The Barber Lounge at 1150 N. Silverbell Rd Unit 190 Tucson, Arizona 85745

Full Instagram Profile:

19. @vandagoat (56.2K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Van Campbell

Barbershop: V.O.S Barber Lounge at 841 South 52nd St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143

Full Instagram Profile:

18. @fahdabarber1 (61.1K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Faheem Alexander

Barbershop: Faheem’s Hands of Precision at 20TH W Snyder Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19145

Full Instagram Profile:

17. @thetariqnevar (66.9K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Tariq Nevar

Barbershop: The Groomsmith Lounge at 1210 Fowler St. Atlanta, Georgia

Full Instagram Profile:

16. @frankdabarber (92.1K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Frank Soto

Barbershop: Shyftt Hair Studio at 1430 E Michigan St. Orlando, Florida 32806

Full Instagram Profile:

15 Top Barber Instagram Accounts With +100K Followers in the U.S. Today


Let’s dive into the big league – the best barber Instagram pages with over 100K followers.


Before that, here are a few fun facts for you:

  • What are the best barber hashtags 2021? – #barbers, #barberlife, and #barbering.
  • Which are the best black barber Instagram accounts? – @360jeezy, @ taylorcutz1, and @andyauthentic.


Let’s get back to our question…

Who’s the King or Queen of this industry??

Read on to find out:

15. @anthonythebarber916 (130K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Anthony Giannotti

Barbershop: Bottle & Barlow at 1120 R St., Sacramento, California

Full Instagram Profile:

14. @aluppercut (132K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Alcides Loran

Barbershop: Flawless Cuts by Alexander at 4275 New Falls Rd. Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056

Full Instagram Profile:

13. @ceejayfadez (135K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Christian Jimenez

Barbershop: The Fade Lab at 1850 E 17th St. Santa Ana, California 92705

Full Instagram Profile:

12. @_thehawkvision (140K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Joshua Hawkins

Barbershop: Furious Styles Barbershop in Midtown Atlanta, GA

Full Instagram Profile:

11. @andyauthentic (180K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Andy Mendoza

Barbershop: Fresh Factory Barbershop at 891 Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT, 06010

Full Instagram Profile:

10. @los_cut_it (199K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Carlos Estrella

Barbershop: Official Cuts Barbershop at 10500 Sw Hwy, Ste A, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Full Instagram Profile:

9. @mrofficial (237K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Yahia Jaber

Barbershop: Official Cuts Barbershop at 10500 Sw Hwy, Ste A, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Full Instagram Profile:

8. @jaytee_thebarber (283K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Jose Tapia

Barbershop: Visionz Barbershop at 3401 Cleveland Ave, Larkfield-Wikiup, CA 95403

Full Instagram Profile:

7. @la_rosy15 (283K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Rosalia Rodriguez Diaz

Barbershop: Havana Club Barbershop at 25 E 44th St #1, Hialeah, Florida 33013

Full Instagram Profile:

6. @elboribarber (348K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Luis Andrés Rivera

Barbershop: Freelance Barber for House Calls at $200 Minimum Fee – (305) 587 5394

Full Instagram Profile:

5. @ vicblends (367K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Victor Fontanez

Barbershop: Furious Styles Barbershop in Midtown Atlanta, GA

Full Instagram Profile:

4. @staygold31 (375K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Sofia Pok

Barbershop: Freelance Barber – Book an Appointment Here.

Full Instagram Profile:

3. @taylorcutz1 (459K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Taylor Stevens

Barbershop: Elegance Studio at 7600 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Full Instagram Profile:

2. @360jeezy (647K Followers on IG)

Real Name: Jarrod Stovall

Barbershop: Velocity Cutz at 500 Elmira Rd. Ste C, Vacaville, CA 95687

Full Instagram Profile:

1. @robtheoriginal (1.2M Followers on IG)

Real Name: Rob Ferrel

Barbershop: Rob the Original Barber Shop – San Antonio, Texas

Full Instagram Profile:

And there you have it – a list of 20 of the best barbers on Instagram today.

Some of them have cool barber Instagram names, don’t you think?


I know that there are other great barbers out there that I didn’t get on the list; the ones here are those that I’ve heard of or interacted with in the past.

So, if you know someone who deserves to be on this list, tell me about them in the comments section below.


Which are the best New York barbers Instagram pages that should be on this list?

Help me answer that…

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