Caliber .50 Cal Limited Edition

95.3 %

Caliber .50 Cal Limited Edition

95.3 %

The .50 Caliber clipper is one of the best cordless clippers on the market, with a strong motor, long battery life, and incredibly effective blades.

  • Japanese technology magnetic motor
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Zero-gap precision blade

Caliber is among the world's newest hair clipper brands, but its outstanding product portfolio has already created a buzz worldwide.

This beast features a high-speed magnetic motor and a 440C Japanese steel blade with Dual DLC black diamond coating. The strong motor can spin up to 10,000 RPM, and the lithium batteries provide an average of 8 hours of continuous use, along with a handy battery level indicator.

A fine blade with convenient zero-gap adjustment comes standard with the trimmer. The blade maintains its sharpness and remains cool while in use, ensuring a longer lifespan of rust-free and dependable use.




20 oz


Linear magnetic motor

Power Source / Battery

Lithium-Ion battery


Stainless steel


Magnetic guards, blade oil, charging dock, cleaning brush, comb attachments, user manual


1-Year Limited

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