Ducktail Beard Style

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Medium Length Ducktail Beard
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Ducktail Beard Style

A Ducktail is a full beard style characterized by pointy and longer chin hair and trimmed cheeks. Unlike its goofy name, this is a sophisticated style that often requires professional help.


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Ideal Face Shapes: Diamond, Triangular, Rectangular, and Round Faces.

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Ideal Beard Types: All


Styling Tips

  • The chin hair should be longer than the cheek hairs
  • You can connect the mustache to the beard
  • The average Ducktail style is 2-4 inches in length

5 Different Ducktail Beard Styles

1. Short Ducktail Beard



A Short Ducktail has the shortest chin hair of about 1/2 inch in length around the cheeks but slightly longer at the chin

This style is excellent for those starting to grow facial hair but are yet to achieve a full beard. Over time you can proceed to a Medium Ducktail and, finally, a Long Ducktail.

2. Medium-Length Ducktail Beard


Get this:

The Medium-length Ducktail is the most popular variation of this beard hair style. It sits between the Short and Long Ducktail styles. 


The chin hair can go up to 5 inches while the cheeks are trimmed down slightly. 

3. Long Ducktail Beard



A Long Ducktail is best for those with a full-grown beard

Like most Ducktail styles, the mustache connects to the beard. And the soul patch is uniform with the rest of the beard. 

4. Pointed Ducktail Beard



Most Ducktail styles don’t form a perfect V-shape at the chin. 

But for the Pointed Ducktail, the tip forms a perfect V-shape. Moreover, the length can be short, medium, or long, provided the chin forms a V-shape. 

5. HorseShoe Ducktail Beard Style


As the name suggests:

This style forms a horseshoe shape under the chin. 

The HorseShoe Ducktail has a lower neckline and requires a lot of hair under the chin. So that when leveled, you get a horseshoe shape. 

How Do I Do A Ducktail Beard?

The first step to getting a Ducktail beard is to grow a full or mid-length beard


This is the hardest step, as it can take you almost a year to grow a full beard.

Once your beard grows long enough, you’ll have to choose a suitable Ducktail style. Here, consider your face shape, facial hair volume, and growth pattern.

With the length of the check and style in mind, assemble the tools. For example:

  • A trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Beard comb and brush
  • Beard shaping tool
  • Beard balm or beard oil

Follow these steps:

  1. Wash and towel dry your facial hairs. Then, comb the facial hairs to remove tangles and knots.
  2. Pick your trimmer and slowly start curving the Ducktail shape. This will be the most challenging step since you will be using an unguarded trimmer. While it’s risky doing it yourself for the first time, you can nail this look if you are patient and keen on details. Remember, the longer and dense the beard is, the harder it will be.
  3. Using a comb and trimmer, trim both cheeks downwards with the length gradually increasing as near the chin. Thencontinuously comb as you cut to ensure you have a uniform length when the beard is combed.
  4. Now, start working on the chin and its sides. Then, proceed to the section below the lower lip and finish by shaping the hair under your chin. 
  5. Comb, trim and shape until you have a perfect Ducktail shape. If it helps, you can watch one or two YouTube styling tutorials to see how it’s done practically.
  6. When satisfied with the shape, locate your neckline and shave all the hairs below it. Then you can finish by shaping the cheek lines.
  7. Lastly, wash the beard and style it as preferred.

Wrapping up

A Ducktail is the best style for someone looking for a sophisticated beard style

It’s a high-maintenance style that requires regular trimming and shaping to keep the shape. 


The mustache should connect to the beard and preferably be kept short. However, if you want to add some sophistication, you can go with the handlebar mustache style. 

And with that said:

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Ducktail beard derives its name from the shape of a duck’s tail. While the name sound hilarious, this is a professional-looking and high-maintenance beard style. The most distinguishing features for the Ducktail beard are pointy chin and short sides. While there are no strict rules for the length, most Ducktail styles have length sizes between 2 and 4 inches. To choose the ideal length for you, consider your face shape and the thickness of your facial hair.
Yes, a Ducktail beard is a good-looking style. This beard hair style can significantly elevate your facial features when shaped and styled correctly.
eplicate his short Ducktail beard, grow your facial hairs for about two months. You’ll be good to go when you have decent coverage around the lower jaw, chin, and mustache area. Then, use a trimmer to trim the hairs on cheeks to 1/4 inch in length. Finally, use scissors or a trimmer to carve a Ducktail shape on the chin.

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