Fcysy Hair Cutting Scissors

94 %

Fcysy Hair Cutting Scissors

94 %

The professional barber hair cutting scissors are not only reasonably priced, but they also have sharp and pointy blades that provide a smooth cut each time. 

  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Precise blades
  • Comfortable grip handle

This scissor from Fcysy assists in achieving the ultimate goal of a clean line. These sharp shears, available in multiple colors, are crafted to be used on dry or wet hairs without sliding or snagging.

They also include thinning shears, useful for creating a smoother layer, bumpy bangs, or blending missteps. A cape to hold hair off your garments and a soft brush to brush the hair off the neckline are nice extras.

These scissors are simple to use and long-lasting. The pair provides a great deal of control, making it an excellent starting point for at-home trimming.



Tool Length



~2.5 oz

Blade Material

Japanese stainless steel


Thinners, barber comb, hair razor comb, 2 hair clips, cleaning cloth, soft dusting, brush, cape, carrying case

Blade Length


Available Colors

Silver (with black, cherry, and pink rubber rings)

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