Hair Cutting Scissors

Since you are here, you are most likely shopping to build a functionally reliable hair cutting scissors kit. Therefore, you need to consider a couple of things first. They include the blade length/design, finger hole design, screw adjustability, and maintenance demands.

To achieve your desired level of control with your hair cutting scissors, you must be intentional about the type of scissors you purchase. Fortunately, you will find hair cutting scissors from major and minor brands here. All of which are reputable for quality blades and premium workmanship. 

91 %
Equinox Professional Hair Scissors

Made with Japanese stainless steel , the Equinox Professional Hair Cutting Scissor is designed for incredible blade…

92.5 %
Smith King Hair Cutting Thinning Scissors

The Smith King is an example of a perfect hair-cutting tool that is precise, sharp, and beautifully designed. The base…

92.7 %
HIMART Hair Cutting Scissors

The blade on this scissor is made from hardened stainless steel , which allows for increased durability and resistance…

93.2 %
FATHABY Hair Cutting Scissors

The FATHABY Professional Hair Cutting Scissors is all about function over form. Manufactured using high-quality…

94 %
Fcysy Hair Cutting Scissors

This scissor from Fcysy assists in achieving the ultimate goal of a clean line . These sharp shears, available in…

Best Hair Cutting Scissors

2022’s Top 12 Best Hair Cutting Scissors for Professional and Home Use

So… You’re shopping for the best hair cutting scissors , right? If so, it’s okay to feel confused. With so many…

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94.4 %
Aszwor Hairdressing Shears

The Aszwor 12 Pcs Hairdressing Scissors Kit is ideal for creating a professional haircut or a flawless hairstyle. Ice…

95.8 %
Mizutani Sword DB-20 Scissor

Mizutani Sword DB-20 is the shear of the future, an all-purpose scissor that is truly unique. The steel used in the DB…

96.4 %
Washi Black Dragon Shears

The Washi Black Dragon Shear Set has an offset flexible handle that opens the hand. This gives you a wider grip and…

97.7 %
Ninja Scissors Rose Gold Dust

These shears from Ninja Scissors have a gold dust titanium finish , which looks lovely but also safeguards you against…

98.2 %
Jaguar Diamond E Shear

These hairdressing scissors possess the ideal cutting qualities unique to Jaguar's Gold Line. The versatility and…

98.8 %
Hattori Hanzo HH8 Talon Shears

Hattori Hanzo's Talon series is bound to offer the best encounter for a burgeoning clientele, whether you're tearing up…

99.5 %
Kamisori Serenity Professional Shears

The 6-star Serenity has preserved its prominent position from the organization's inception and has been a member of the…

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