Washi Black Dragon Shears

96.4 %

Washi Black Dragon Shears

96.4 %

It has a semi-convex anti-push edge, ideal for regular cutting shears. The Click Dial Tension Adjustment makes it easy to loosen or tighten the tension.

  • Thinning shear for effective blending
  • Create a soft texture
  • Relaxed scissor-over-comb position

The Washi Black Dragon Shear Set has an offset flexible handle that opens the hand. This gives you a wider grip and better control. Anti-push ends on expertly refined edges provide excellent cutting performance. The set includes a 30-tooth thinning scissor, a Texture razor, and a transporting case.

Made in Japan with 440C steel, the washi shear has a semi-convex anti-push corner for clean, precise cuts.

Washi Scissors are extremely durable, come with a maintenance kit, and are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.



Tool Length

5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 7.0"


Less than 2 oz

Blade Material

High-quality Japanese 440C stainless steel


Thinners, scissor oil, cleaning cloth, rubber finger rings, razor

Blade Length


Available Colors


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