Jaguar Diamond E Shear

98.2 %

Jaguar Diamond E Shear

98.2 %

Thanks to its fine craftsmanship and use of cutting-edge tools and technology, this Jaguar Diamond E Shear is ideal for a range of cutting techniques. 

  • High-quality vanadium steel blades
  • Flat and reposition-able screws
  • Removable finger rest

These hairdressing scissors possess the ideal cutting qualities unique to Jaguar's Gold Line. The versatility and ability to employ various cutting methods make these scissors appealing to professional hairdressers with high standards for quality.

The Diamond E's convex scissor blade and seamlessly integrated cutting edge make it exceptionally sharp and perfect for slicing, granting a precise cut owing to its extremely acute cutting angle. The blade's hollow grinding produces a soft cutting sensation that simplifies daily hairdressing.

These scissors are made from forged premium special steel. The shining surface of the hand-polished hair scissors gives them a premium, timeless appearance.



Tool Length

5.0”, 5.25”, 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5”


1.1 oz and 1.4 oz

Blade Material

High-quality German/Vanadium stainless steel


Scissor oil, cleaning cloth, and screw fastener

Blade Length


Available Colors


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