HIMART Hair Cutting Scissors

92.7 %

HIMART Hair Cutting Scissors

92.7 %

The HIMART is the optimal tool for barbers looking for integrated multifunctionality in their scissors. The blade edges are specifically designed for improved retention.

  • Durable base material
  • Machine sharpened convex edges
  • Multi-purpose blade use

The blade on this scissor is made from hardened stainless steel, which allows for increased durability and resistance to corrosion. Moreover, the edges are machine tempered and go through an additional hand-sharpening procedure.

Precise cuts to overall volume reduction are all made possible through the convex blade edges. The specific shape of the blade also allows for improved edge retention.

Provisions have been made for the inclusion of a screw into the pivot area of the blade. This enables the blade tension and grip control to be customized according to individual needs.



Tool Length



3.5 oz

Blade Material

Hardened, stainless steel blade


Thinners, barber cape, barber comb, soft neck duster, hair clips, cleaning cloth, storage case, screw fastener

Blade Length


Available Colors

Black, blue, silver

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