Mizutani Sword DB-20 Scissor

95.8 %

Mizutani Sword DB-20 Scissor

95.8 %

The Mizutani Sword DB-20 hair-cutting scissor is a powerful and dynamic tool. It can easily create the perfect cut and trim and avoid any damage or split ends.

  • Exceptional precision
  • Steel without impurities
  • Ideal for both blunt and point cutting

Mizutani Sword DB-20 is the shear of the future, an all-purpose scissor that is truly unique. The steel used in the DB-20 is an advanced nano powdered cobalt steel known as Sintered Steel.

The tension power system on the DB-20 has been upgraded and improved with a freshly constructed ball bearing process to ensure smooth movement. The advantage of trimming with a ball bearing is that it reduces friction and allows you to cut with reduced thumb pressure.

It also cuts thicker sections with ease and less strain and lethargy on the hands and wrists.


Mizutani Scissors

Tool Length

5.7", 6.2", 6.7", 7.2"


Less than 2 oz

Blade Material

Japanese sintered cobalt-powered steel alloy


Screw adjuster, storage case, cleaning cloth

Blade Length


Available Colors


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