Kamisori Serenity Professional Shears

99.5 %

Kamisori Serenity Professional Shears

99.5 %

This Serenity model is meticulously crafted in Japan with the utmost care to accuracy and sturdiness at a reasonable price for a high-end shear! 

  • Kamisori's unique lifetime warranty
  • Blades made of alloy steel
  • Robust ball-bearing system

The 6-star Serenity has preserved its prominent position from the organization's inception and has been a member of the Kamisori line for a reason. 

A traditional high-end shear for the career-oriented hair stylist, the Kamisori Serenity 5.5" shear is made of Japanese steel. It is renowned for being extremely balanced and lightweight. 

Time and again, numerous stylists have appreciated this trustworthy shear, which incorporates a convenient detachable finger rest design so that stylists can handle various cuts and approaches. Per the company's promise, this excellent shear will last 20 to 25 years and maintain its sharpness even after numerous cuts.



Tool Length

5.5", 6"


1.5 oz and 1.7 oz

Blade Material

Kamisori V Gold 10 Japanese alloy steel blades


Quality storage case, shear oil

Blade Length

Kamisori V Gold 10 Japanese alloy steel blades

Available Colors


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