Smith King Hair Cutting Thinning Scissors

92.5 %

Smith King Hair Cutting Thinning Scissors

92.5 %

As an unparalleled tool, the Smith King allows experienced stylists to deliver seamless and high-definition cuts. The scissors come with a unique grip design.

  • Exceptional blade quality
  • Additional grip customization
  • Multi-purpose accessory kit

The Smith King is an example of a perfect hair-cutting tool that is precise, sharp, and beautifully designed.

The base blade material is made with 6CR steel with an added carbon component, leading to increased blade durability.

Designed to be ergonomic and convenient, the finger holes have a unique 360-degree rotation capability to aid in a seamless hair-cutting experience. The adjustment screw also provides an additional way to customize blade tension and control.

Additionally, the Smith King brings a set of multi-functional accessories. The razor and cutting shears can be used for haircuts, while the thinner can cater to any volume reduction.


Smith King

Tool Length



2.65 oz

Blade Material

High-quality 6CR stainless steel blades


Storage case, thinners, razor, barber comb, cleaning cloth, dusting brush, hair clips, barber cape

Blade Length


Available Colors

Black, blue, gold, gray, silver, rainbow

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