Gamma+ Absolute Hitter

88.3 %

Gamma+ Absolute Hitter

88.3 %
Mike Medders

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The Gamma+ Absolute Hitter is a professional cordless trimmer. Its powerful motor coupled with its customizable frame makes it not just efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Supercharged rotary motor
  • Durable lithium-ion battery
  • Portable size

The Gamma+ Absolute Hitter is a user-oriented trimmer equipped with several unique features. One of which is its black DLC (Diamond-like carbon) blades. These blades are not just conveniently sharp but also corrosion-proof, making maintenance that much easier.

Its easily customizable exterior is a key property of the Gamma+ Absolute Hitter. The trimmer pack includes three full-body kits colored: gold, rose gold, and chrome. These kits give an aggregate of twelve unique design modifications for the user to choose from.

The cordless trimmer also boasts a brilliant lithium-ion battery with an impressive runtime of 4 hours from a 2-hour charge.





Body Material

Chrome Body Kit


Supercharged Rotary Motor

Power Source / Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery


Black Carbon Diamond DLC blades


3 guards, a charging stand, a mini USB cord, a cleaning kit, and a keychain screwdriver


1 Year

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