How To Do a Taper Fade


You wanna go easy on the cash and do a self-cut, right?

That's not it?

Perhaps there isn’t a single barber near you, hence, you’re only option is to cut and style yourself?

Well, whatever your reasons may be, below is a list of things you would require to give yourself a nice Taper Fade haircut at home


  • Quality Clippers
  • A brush
  • ·A comb
  • A pair of scissors
  • A reference photo
  • Mirrors that allow you to see all angles of your head. Two will do just fine, one fixed in place and the other portable.

Pre-Cut Preparation


There are several different types of Taper Fade Haircuts, right? But, they all have one similarity - Tapering.

Before going on with this, it's best to have a particular style in mind first.


When settling for a tapered fade haircut, you should note that, since the hair goes down the back of the head and sides, this haircut may reveal scars.

So, if there are any, you might want to reconsider.

Lastly, set up your cutting area and have everything you need in an easily accessible location (an arm’s length from where you’ll be standing/sitting).

That said, here’s what you need to do.

WiseBarber’s 6-Step Process to DIY Taper-Fading

Get this:

For a regular Tapered Fade Haircut, you want to have at least four inches of hair on top. Anything longer will result in a messy look.

But, there are exceptions

If you are opting for a Taper Fade for Curly hair or longer cuts like the Long Hair Taper Fade, you may just want to have a few inches longer.

Now, to the cutting part!

  1. First, set the mirror in place and keep your equipment within reach.
  2. Cover yourself in a barber's cape to avoid messy hair getting into your tools or dirtying your workspace.
  3. Take the top part of the hair and tie it up. Hold it in place with clips, bands, or pins.
  4. The next thing you want to do is to Taper the sides and back. Start by cutting gently to have a nice taper length and gradient. The length will be completely determined by the style you want. Remember all Taper Fades have something in common; they are like an Ombre.
  5. Then, fade the lower ends to create a Taper Fade. Fades often look good for the same reason this world balances in black and white and good and evil; Contrast! Keeping this in mind, you should have no problem cutting the hair around the sides. Remember to maintain a clean cut till you match the skin at the bottom.
  6. Once you are done with the sides, you can now go ahead and style the top as desired.

A Few Useful Barber Tips


Knowing a client’s ideal Tapered Fade Haircut greatly depends on the shape of their face.

For example…

  • A Square face will largely fit the High Taper Fade, Afro Taper Fade, and Airbrush Taper Fade.
  • Round face shapes will adjust to the Fine Taper Fade with Banged Front and the Classic Fade Harvard Style.
  • For men with Angular face shapes, I am positive the Undercut Brush Up and the Curly Dyed Highlights will do the trick.

However, that’s not all. Ideal styles can also be determined by hair length, hair type, and a client’s preferences.

So, it helps to ask and learn as much as you can before giving your client recommendations.

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