Discover How to Fix Patchy Beard Hairs Once And For All

I know:

Looking at Brad Pitt or David Beckham’s full beards can leave you asking a lot of questions. 

Are they real? Does it have something to do with genetics? What can I do to make my beard fuller?



Full beards are mostly genetic. But! Not all men have these kinds of facial hair. 

And, yes. 

Having a patchy beard can be disappointing to those who love having voluminous facial hair. 


What if there was a way around this? 


Regardless of your genetic predisposition, you can still grow your dream mane with a few, simple tips and tricks.  


In this post, I’ll show you:

  • Exactly how to fix a patchy beard without pain.
  • Professional answers to the frequently asked questions about fixing patchy beards.

So, here’s what you need to know.

5 Powerful Tips That Fix Patchy Beards Like Charm

First off:

Here are the 3 possible reasons for a patchy beard:

  1. You have very low levels of the two beard growth hormones; which are Testosterone (T) and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  2. You have T and DHT in abundance but you lack responsive androgen receptors all-round or just in your cheek areas.
  3. Your lifestyle or medical conditions (such as alopecia Barbe and Areata) doesn’t support beard growth.

Anyway, here’s the roadmap to get out of patches:

First of:

Chill, Facilitate Healthy Beard Growth Before Condemning Them Patchy


What most folks who are growing facial hair for the first time do is leave the beard for a few weeks and then start complaining.

No, it doesn’t work like that.

I am pretty sure you have heard of the four-week rule


I say, observe your beard for 6 to 9 weeks; allowing it more time to grow out. 


Some parts grow slower than others and that does not translate to a patchy beard. 


If they grow fuller at the end of this period, great. Otherwise, try this next remedy…

Try Fixing Your Patchy Beard Using Natural Home Remedies


Here, you might have to go grocery shopping.

For a natural fix that works, your body needs nutrients that boost the production of beard hormones.

Get this:

  • A recent study shows that replacing fat with Olive Oil increased testosterone in Moroccan men by 17%.
  • Diets that include a consistent amount of Pomegranate juice was said to increase testosterone by 24%.
  • A diet of added Sorghum in cereals, bread, and even Thanksgiving dinner could increase the DHT-producing enzyme by 54%.
  • Coffee! Yes, a drink that’s probably already a part of your every day could increase testosterone and DHT levels.

Now, get this:

The effects of these home remedies are not instant but they do work really nice in the long run. If you don’t have that patience, here’s another trick you can use to fix a patchy beard.

Some Minoxidil, Maybe…


Minoxidil “sometimes” works for beard growth.


How could an over-the-counter drug for addressing scalp hair growth be a remedy for a patchy beard?


One study that had two groups of men, some using minoxidil and the other a placebo for sixteen weeks, proves it.

And guess what?

At the end of the test, there were promising beard growth results recorded for the Minoxidil group.

Even more interesting:

The results were permanent. So, good news, right?

Well, not quite.

First, Minoxidil isn’t FDA-approved for facial hair growth. 

And the fact that it’s designed to work better on the scalp (specifically, the thick skin at the crown) means that it may be too strong for the skin under a beard. 


The growth duration and results differ from one man to another. Therefore, while it may have worked impressively for other men, Minoxidil doesn’t guarantee you the same experience. 

Are there side effects? 

Yes; including swelling, itching, and others.  

That’s why I recommend using this product as a last resort. 


If for any reason you do not want to opt for Minoxidil, then, there’s acupuncture for facial hair.

Let’s see what it entails:

Pins And Needles…?: Microneedle Your Beard Hair Area

Nothing good comes easy. 

Right? A good old cliche, I know. But you see, no matter how mild it is, an injury stimulates the entire body to a healing response. 

How does this help to fix your patchy beard?

Cause and effect:

Puncturing your facial hair area stimulates a fresh flow of blood to that area. This means a fresh flow of nutrients and the beard growth hormone, testosterone, and DHT.


This doesn’t mean you can just puncture your face anyhow. You would simply scar yourself. Do this instead;

  • Purchase a Derma roll with a 0.5-0.75 needle length.
  • And run it across your facial hair area twice a week.

Check out how to properly derma roll in this video.


Try Trimming and/or Dyeing


One trick that most barbers use to add more contrast to hairline designs and beards is by trimming and/or dyeing.  


In terms of dyeing…

If you use the perfect dye and apply it just fine, very few people will be able to tell your beard is patchy. 


I recommend a non-permanent dye like Godefroy, and when it comes to the application, check out this awesome video.

On trimming:

Evening out the beard makes it look less patchy. Since the beard patches are usually on the cheek area, your barber could help create an illusion.


The trick is to cut the beard around the cheek really low and then easing in on the clipper as it moves down. A lot of celebrities including Lionel Messi have this cut to hide beard patches.



Patchy beards, just like full ones, are hereditary.


As explained above, there are things you can do to fix this.

Also, regardless of the method you choose to remedy a patchy beard, you need to exercise a lot of patience. 

It won’t happen overnight. Alright, that is that. 

If you have further questions, do let me know in the comment section and I’ll reply as clearly as I can. 

Till next time. Keep winning, pal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially: Beard filler is a wax that can be used to coat patchy areas on your facial hair. Yes, it works, but only if applied correctly as done in this video.
Many don’t. There are a lot of products online that claim to have the powers to grow fully grown facial hair you desire. But: Many of these products do not work as a remedy for a patchy beard. However, there is a trick to it. The use of essential oil such as Peppermint oil or a mix of that and jojoba oil work really well.
No, it does not. A beard oil functions as a moisturizer and a beard grooming product. To fill in patches, you require a beard filler.
Now: While folks say the more you shave, the faster hair grows it is not always true. The worst thing you can do to a patchy beard is continually shaving it; except, of course, if you don’t want to keep it at all. So, just let the beard grow.

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