Revealing How To Trim Beard With Clippers Like A Professional Barber


Have you attempted to trim your beard with clippers only to make irreversible damages to it?

I know the sad feelings that come with it.


That’s why, today,  I’ve decided to show you how to trim beard with clippers like a pro;  using the method I use on my clients at the barbershop.

Whether you’ve just started growing out your beard or it’s already thick and lush, this technique works for everyone.


Here’s what you need to know…

Step-by-Step Procedure on How To Trim a Beard With a Comb And Trimmer Like A Pro

I always say:

The tools you use will determine the end result. Therefore, you should start with findinf the right , professional tools. 

For example:

  • An adjustable trimmer.
  • A wide-tooth comb.
  • A boar bristle brush.
  • Beard and face cleanser.
  • Beard oil conditioner.


Now, let’s get that beard trimmed and fine-tuned in six simple stages…

Washing The Beard

Get this:

Every long beard (including the medium ones) collects dirt, dust, and debris

But be careful when choosing a beard cleanser. It should be gentle on the skin with the ability to moisturize hair to prevent flakiness.

Now, for a deep wash that removes all bacteria and dirt, you should:

  1. Wet the facial hair and rub a few drops of the cleanser from the skin to the hair tip. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Rinse with cool water; because hot water makes your beard soft, thus difficult to trim to perfection.
  3. Pat-dry with a towel, reaching from the skin out until it’s all dry there.

Moving on…


Detangling With A Wide-tooth Comb

If you are wondering:

Mike, do I need a wide-tooth comb yet I already have a standard one?


Unlike the standard comb, a wide-tooth comb doesn’t put tension on the hair. So, it doesn’t snap or pluck your hair follicle

And since it’s WIDE-toothed, this comb can detangle hair strands better and faster.


Without further ado, let’s detangle:

  1. Facing a mirror, hold the comb perpendicularly, push it into the whisker, and take it upward until it’s stopped by your jaw. (As illustrated in the image above).
  2. Now, gently draw the comb all the way down, from the jaw-base through and out the tip of your facial hair.
  3. Repeat this from side to side until the comb runs through smoothly without any resistance.

Now, grab your trimmer…

Trim The Walls

Think of your beard as a room:

The two sides of the jaw are the two walls to be trimmed first. But remember to go easy and steadily to avoid scrapping chunks off your mane.

Here’s how to trim a long beard:

  1. Without a guard, point the metal face of the trimmer downward, facing the direction of the wall you’re starting with. That is, the trimmer should face left on the left wall/side.
  2. From the top-most region of that wall, trim all the way down, but go carefully with stealth. Avoid trimming from below upward otherwise, you might end up taking out more than you want to. 
  3. Once trimmed down to the right length and shape you want, brush the walls from top to bottom. This helps to smoothen the beard to shape and reveal hidden flyaways.
  4. Take another pass of the trimmer over the flyaway strands to trim them off, going from top to bottom.
  5. Do the same for the other wall/side.

Next up:

Trim The Front Side

Please, take note:

The front is a part of the whisker situated on the chin; i.e. the strands situated between the lower lip and the tip of the beard. 

Here’s how to trim it:

  1. Brush the beard hair from the end of your lower lip straight down to the furthest tip.
  2. With the clipper’s lever still at the middle position, take a pass from the lower lip downwards. Remember, the metal face of the trimmer must be pointing downward.
  3. Brush again to straighten out and expose split-ends.
  4. Do another pass of the trimmer over the front to clear out any strays and split-ends.


Trimming The Floor

Understand this:

The area under the jaw and chin is the base of the beard; or in simpler terms, the floor, and that’s where you’re to trim next.

Here’s how:

  1. Holding the trimmer upright, and its blade facing you, tilt your head slightly backward.
  2. Now, pass the trimmer towards your neckline. Take it out gently and start your way from the front to the neckline again.
  3. Brush and comb that region, then trim out any flyaway pop-ups.


Trimming The Outline For a Proper Finish and Neatness


What’s the outline? 

It’s the rear region spanning from the corners of your lower jaw (left and right), going along the cheeks to the ends of your mustache.

To trim it:

  1. Start from the left side of your chin, trim along the cheek up to the left ear. Repeat for the right side.
  2. Take it from the left ear, and move your trimmer all the way down to the left end of the mustache. Repeat for the right side.

You’re all done.


To finish things up like a true pro,  apply some beard oil.


To be sincere:

Trimming a beard without ruining it isn’t as easy. It’s a systematic task demanding high levels of focus, patience, and carefulness. 


Having provided you with my easy, yet, professional technique, you have everything needed to nail this.


  • Always wash the beard before trimming.
  • Never trim upward; only downward.
  • Use a trimmer instead of clippers.
  • Be careful with the outlines.


Let me know if you need further help. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. But it requires a lot of skill and experience to get the best results. The thing is, hair clippers are designed to cut heavy chunks. Unlike trimmers, a clipper isn’t ideal for fine details.
Top to bottom. Always trim from the top and pass your trimmer downwards. Going from below upward is for only when you want to CUT or, to be specific, finally say goodbye to your beard.
Clean the beard with a facial hair cleanser, towel-dry it, comb it, trim from the top and go all the way down, brush it, and trim flyaways.
Well, that’s up to you; going by the beard style you’re trimming to achieve. Moreover, if you start feeling a bit uncomfortable with how long your beard is, it’s a sign that you should trim it down a bit.

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